How To Properly Secure Your Property’s Exterior


As we know, tenants like to feel provided for, and to feel that you’ve done a stand-up job with the space on offer. But this isn’t just relevant to inside the home. You and your lettings agent should consider outdoor features too, which can make a tenant’s life easier, safer and more convenient.

There are many options to consider when approaching this challenge, from transport options, to social space, to recycling facilities. Yet there is one certainty – the fact that, without proper security, such investments could be stolen or damaged by harsh weather.

Here’s how to ensure that never happens…

Give tenants somewhere for bicycle storage

Cities and suburbs have a growing number of cyclists to cater for. As an alternative to tram, bus or car, it’s a breath of fresh air – but how will your tenants look after their bike if indoor storage is out of the question?

Bicycle hooks are a great idea, simply because they’re quick to attach and cheap to source. Alternatively, look into chrome racks that’ll resist rust and scratches over the years. Give each tenant a lock of their own, for starters, to ensure they keep their equipment safe. There’s bonus appeal in crafting a low-ceilinged hut over the storage area, to keep the bikes dry when it rains.

Create a haven for wheelie bins

Wheelie bins are subject to many hazards such as theft, arson and abuse from neighbouring households. They’re also prone to blowing over in high winds; enough reason, then, to safeguard your bin collection for current or future tenants.

Install or build a wheelie bin storage shed – there are many one, two or three-door units available from outdoor retailers. These are generally fitted with locks and bolted access, covering the bins on all sides when they’re packed away. In addition to being a locked deterrent, these sheds obscure your wheelie bins from view, so thieves don’t know where to look and the bins don’t become an eyesore.

Concrete your parasols in place

Parasols are a thoughtful addition to your outdoor space, adding to the appeal of your property and creating a focal point for socialising. Yet, while homeowners may want to take their parasol around as a freestanding item, we suggest grounding it on a floor space.

This isn’t as hard as it sounds. All you have to do is extract a few patio slabs (as many as the base diameter will take up), stick the cross-stand in the open area, and fill it with cement. When it dries, your premises will have a staunch, immoveable parasol that can’t be carried off or toppled on a whim.

Creating an attractive rental property means covering every base – even those outdoors – for a stunning, secure place to live. As a lettings agent and property management team, Summermere is perfectly placed to advise on what your portfolio may be lacking, and how you can boost its appeal.

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