5 Signs It’s High-Time To Switch Property Manager


Care and attention: qualities we all need, in some way or another. Landlords may require them to a finer degree, seeing as they have a portfolio to protect and nurture. A property management service, there to help with maintenance, repair work and tenant relations, must be counted on for however long you need it.


Yet, as you may know, it’s a genuine roll of the dice, since property managers can so often fall short. If any of these five signals appear, take it as a sign that it’s time to explore alternative suppliers:


  1. Never flagging up compliancy issues


Whether it’s the gas, circuit board or boiler system, no appliances work at their peak continuously. Industry compliance is designed to show, at face value, what’s meeting the bare standard for efficiency and safety measures. Property managers should be checking everything, and fixing or upgrading it when the time’s right. A slip-up on their part could be catastrophic for your business.


  1. Being lax with repair work


Say there’s a big problem: a shower leaking onto the ground floor, or broken stairs that have to be replaced. The solution needs to come as fast as it can, right? Of course – a property management service must know what to do in a matter of relative emergency. But if they drag their feet on repair work, or deliver a poor solution, the tenants will be confused, angry and on your back for an answer that isn’t forthcoming.


  1. Not keeping you informed


The buildings under your wing form some of the most precious, personal investments in the world. Property ‘experts’ have to recognise this, just to be worthy of the label. The stream of communication must be clear between the two of you. A call now and then (not just email!) will do wonders for your peace of mind.


  1. Inspections aren’t a priority


As a rule, we’d suggest that a management service performs a full-property look-over once a year, or every six months if possible. It’s there to satisfy any concerns you have about the property, furnishings, or tenants. For this reason, you’re well within your rights to expect regular inspections as part and parcel of the property management remit.


  1. Costs are eclipsing the benefits


Reputable companies may price themselves at a higher rate, assured of their status in the market. But this is nothing without true, lasting demonstration of the value they deliver. Can your property manager break down your monthly fee into tangible services and benefits? Do you feel you’re getting value for money? If not, it might be time to shop around…


So as the klaxons of bad property management appear, you have to be honest: are they really delivering the service you need? For a strong, capable and consistent alternative, get in touch with Summermere today. We’d love to discuss what makes us different.